Introducing HaynesPro (former VIVID)

HaynesPro, who later merged with Vivid Automotive Data & Media, was established in 1995. It's founders shared a unique vision of how automotive data should be delivered in the electronic era. Until then, such data was primarily distributed in printed form. They have focused exclusively on e-publishing, and the production and development of technical data products for use across a broad range of electronic media such as CD, DVD or nowadays the internet.

The HaynesPro database become a true pioneer of its kind!


Just to mention a few features of HaynesPro technical database:

  • Best value for money 
  • Based on OEM data straight from the manufacturers
  • You don't need any storage device, it runs through the internet 
  • You don't need to install, just browse online
  • You can use it from anywhere, even on the road when you need to repair a broken vehicle next to the road
  • Touch screen optimized 
  • You can use it from multiple machine
  • It has automatic updates at least four time a year
  • The technical database covers European, Asian and American models as well

Easy to identify

To make your work even more easier, the tech. database uses VIN identification system. Just enter the VIN number, an you'll get the vehicle you looking for with all the required data even with work time.

OEM data set

The database uses purely OEM data, until it is marked otherwise. This is mandatory for a modern day workshop to get the best and most reliable source of information you can possibly have. This will save you time and provide quality during your daily work. Furthermore with the help of this database you can become an OEM certified workshop, which will grant you repairs without violating warranties on a car.



Try it out!

The passenger car and truck database can help you on a daily basis to improve your work performance. In 2015, this can be done through the internet as well so you don't have to care about installing new CDs and DVDs anymore. 

You can try out HaynesPro for free!*

Also please check the packages we prepared for you!




*(During the trial period, the database functioning almost as a normal license. If you still require some more data, please contact us for advice! )